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The client

Verne Group

The challenge

Verne is a significant global player offering multiple digital solutions that help in digital transformation and drive growth. Our mission was to update and create a more dynamic and precise experience for their web user.Verne has a vast catalog of services that needed to be more precise and easier to understand; their branding required updating and more depth to stand out

The solution

We made a deep product discovery process to understand the industry, the users' needs, and the best way to achieve their goals.One major challenge was that they needed to be able to edit and change the content in-house. Thanks to a discovery process with the client, we managed to truly understand what their users were looking for, creating the correct user journeys with a complete redesign of the UX for the webpage. Without changing the logo, we created a more dynamic graphic brand universe that was more versatile and gave them the elements to build themselves but still stay coherent and impactful
When a good design and usability match, makes a big difference
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